B2C LMS e-Commerce Advantages

 Sales analysis, reconciliation reporting Sell any type of learning of any media uniquely Product reviews Promotions offers Credit/Debit card, PayPal payment types Add to cart, checkout and payment gateways for cards authorization Quick access to purchased content Emailed  notifications User specific content recommendations Dynamic grouping of users based on actions added in LMS Sell physical product, manage shipping, inventory management Automated billing Multi-currency support Manage unlimited tax rules including global VATs Read more

Classroom Training To E-Learning | LMS

Ever think why e-Learning is shorter than in-person training, and which one is more powerful?Training that happens inside a room is generally for a whole day. e-Learning on a similar theme can take under 3 hours. Why would that be? Is e-Learning less educational or low in quality? Or, on the other hand, would you truly be able to decrease a 8 hour instructional course to under 3 hours without losing the quality and motivation behind making employees and clients more proficient?
To be completely forthright, we don't bother to contrast full-time instruction with e-Learning. They have distinctive systems, arrangements and errands; and generally, rely upon the an association's particular learning necessities or conditions. Would we be able to contrast classroom training with e-Learning? Will an instructional training session of 8 hours be finished inside 2 to 3 hours? Let’s attempt to answer this with an example of ACME CORP which has planned Compliance Training for its employees.…

Interactive Modern Tools Help Provide Efficient E-Learning

What Interactive Modern Tools Help Provide Efficient E-Learning?Backed with most recent innovations and intuitive learning peripherals, LMS enables organizations to have an effective learning environment. Nonetheless, without training the Managers and Admins with a LMS that obliges the Organization's training needs, innovation endeavors and resources put into creation of training material (courses) won't bring sufficient returns.
Compelling mix of data and innovation is the way to unravel the issues identified with understanding the learning procedure required by Organizations. The presentation of new training advances and procedures, the type of its conveyance and sorts of correspondence between various platforms can be overpowering for the Admins and Managers now and again. Which framework should I choose?!@@! A LMS which is end user friendly and easy to understand! All LMS's can oversee intuitive substance, for example, recordings, pictures, introductions, inserted asse…

Doubts that surround e-Learning?

When do you need an e-Learning Framework.
You require an e-Learning framework if: Your organization has geologically remote workplaces and needs to control the nature of staff learning; Your organization offers versatile products and training is important to understand them; Your organization needs to mechanize field work and screen its execution; Your organization is ready to assess trainers for improving staff. Doubts! Doubt 1: E-Learning does not work in your industry? Beetsol: E-Learning works in any industry. Experts in every industry would vouch that online courses help enhance their abilities, learn new strategies and enhance execution. Doubt 2: Poor substitute for in-person training. Beetsol: E-Learning works both as stand-alone and as blended learning program. However, it is true that all aspects of learning cannot be interpreted in electronic form. Clearly, it is difficult to instruct the delicate abilities without individual contact with the mentor, yet this aspect hardly ju…

Advantages of a corporate distance learning model

Corporate Distance Learning ModelE-Learning is progressively and forcefully entering the corporate circle. In the event that we could have introduced the upsides of this kind of training a couple of years back then we would have beaten the suspicious complaints of the naysayers at this point. Today the exchange is worked around the mechanics and elements of a given platform as opposed to the need and pertinence of e-Learning. Subsequent to dissecting our involvement in e-Learning/Training, we have concocted the accompanying favorable circumstances which we wish to impart to you. 
After analyzing my last five years of experience in e-Learning/Training, I have come up with the following advantages of that I wish to share with you.

The appraisal of new staff and further training. Each organization is one of a kind with regards to its way of life, conventions, story in the matter of how it began and a learning base. It needs its employees to know and apply these perspectives where pertinent…

How to Choose The Best Distance e-Learning or Learning Management Solutions?

Learning Management Solutions Taking into account  the scale of e-learning market today, there are many distance learning systems, and selecting the right Training management system is not an easy task! Today, a huge number of companies want to train their employees to improve their professionalism and skill set levels, but they are mindful of budgets and objectives.
So let's get down to the point at which you should pay attention when choosing that one Training Management System: 1. Define objectives that you set for employee training  What are your main goals and objectives for this? What skills and information do your employees get from the e-learning course? Before you start selecting options for the right Training management platform, you should clearly outline a plan and your expectations. . This allows you to select the most suitable option, depending  on the employees and the learning community within your organisation.
2. Determine your current strategy of training and d…

Advantages of Gamification | How does Gamification work?

What is Gamification?
Gamification learning approach is turning into an undeniably well-known marvel, as training with components of amusement are energizing as well as more productive. Truth be told, it is anything but difficult to answer why Gamification training runs so effectively. Notwithstanding the substance of your course and the group of people for which they are outlined, Gamification can introduce a radical new step to enlightening learners. 

How does Gamification work?
When we complete physical activities, or take care of an intriguing issue, our cerebrum produces endorphin's (all commonplace "hormone of happiness"). The same happens when a man is playing, and progresses to the next level. On account of endorphin's, individuals get more fun out of learning, as well as are better ready to assimilate the data. Likewise, endorphin's are neurotransmitters, i.e., they can transmit signals from neuron to neuron. Thus Gamification is enjoyably motivational for…